Tigerbrain Engineering specializes in supporting the Department of Defense (DoD) in their mission to establish and maintain runways, taxiways, and aprons in the most challenging and adverse conditions across four continents. Tigerbrain is staffed to provide site investigations, evaluations, pavement condition assessments, charrettes, pavement, drainage, airfield, and NAVAID designs. 

Our full-time, onsite construction inspection staff relocates to remote and austere locations to assure the DoD that what is designed and specified is provided.  Boots-on-the-ground leadership is provided by sending subject matter experts with 30 years or more experience to the site.

Defense Project

Airfield Renovation

The Tigerbrain design team works on 9 to 18 terminals per year. This includes 1,607,037 square meters of heavy duty pavement, as well as 2,412,227 square meters of pavement supporting lift equipment and over the road truck traffic.  Due to the unique locations of the terminals, ranging from large metropolitan to isolated low population areas, it is understood that subgrade conditions vary greatly. As such, each terminal is analyzed individually.  Typical repairs must be analyzed for adverse effects that the location and site conditions might have on the selected pavement section.

Each field visit consists of determining repair limits, required survey limits, and required quantity of pavement borings. Using engineering judgment of known site conditions, repair limits are determined based on potential for operation impacts to onsite equipment. On site structure analysis of existing pavement conditions in areas showing initial distress is also performed to determine the operational life the terminals can expect if current operations remain constant. The data obtained from these analyses is used to inform the client if a maintenance and repair schedule is needed to maintain safe operations.