Shindand Air Base, Afghanistan

1Tigerbrain lead the Title I airfield design for the 2800 meter full-depth runway keel replacement for Runway 18-36 at Shindand Air Base in Herat Province, Afghanistan. The project schedule was critical; within an hour of arriving at the Base, Tigerbrain initiated the first runway boring. The 100% design was completed on-site in 60 days with support from the stateside office.

The original runway was built in 1962 by the Soviet Union and had been bombed leaving 11 crater repairs, plus repairs from mortar strikes during the project. Tigerbrain directed field testing, interpreted the results, designed the profile grades, geometry, pavement, markings, and prepared the plans, specifications and design analysis for the runway.

Tigerbrain’s relationship with global contractor’s enabled the use of a nearby concrete rubblization machine, facilitating concrete removal and cutting several weeks from the schedule. Tigerbrain’s understanding of materials enabled utilization of local materials that met Air Force requirements, reducing costs and accelerating construction.



Tigerbrain’s Title II effort included reviewing preliminary samples of the various materials for those most likely to meet Air Force testing requirements, this circumvented potential delays by rejecting sources. For the concrete, Tigerbrain ensured the mixture was optimized to reduce spalling potential. The phasing enabled full mission operations while working on half of the runway.

Throughout the construction process, Tigerbrain inspected the work, reviewed submittals and resolved RFI’s. This project is a clear demonstration of Tigerbrain’s service in an austere war zone, ability to rapidly assess existing conditions, optimize use of local materials, and work with forces. The $39 million dollar runway opened one week ahead of schedule.


The First C-17 Landing

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